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don_omar's Journal

Don Omar fan community
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1. respect others
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Don Omar's bio

real name William Omar Landron

Don Omar is one of the most loved and recognized Reggaeton singers in Puerto Rico whose his popularity is quickly spreading throughout the current musical landscape along with the increasing popularity of the genre. The singer and songwriter raised in Villa Palmeras, an impoverished neighborhood in Puerto Rico and started composing his first songs and poems at age twelve. His early musical talent was nurtured in the church. A committed preacher for four years, Don Omar spent his time performing for religious musical celebrations. Don Omar left the church due to sentimental disillusionment which he describes in his well known song "Aunque te Fuiste."

After his departure from the church, Don Omar found his niche with Reggaeton. Don Omar's career really received a boost in 2002, when Héctor El Bambino, member of the Héctor y Tito duet, heard his work and gave Don Omar the opportunity to produce for him. It was then when Landrón adopted the name of Don Omar and began to produce for other artists,' such as Las 9 Plagas. He wrote various songs for Tito as a solo artist, and after gaining respect as a songwriter he worked with the Hector and Tito duet on the track "a la Reconquista."

Don Omar has collaborated with such acts as MVP Grayskull (Te estas calentando); the Godfather (Dejala) and Da'Flex, among others and is a solo star in his own right. Although he is often charged with promoting sex and violence through his lyrics, it is his sensitivity to the emotions behind his reality that sets him apart from other Reggaeton artists. Don Omar's star is rising and he is one of the most influential players elevating Reggaeton to mainstream status and recognition. His current hit "Reggaeton Latino" his contribution to Chosen Few -- El Documental soundtrack is quickly becoming the anthem for Reggaeton as it gains mainstream acceptance.

http://www.solosabor.com/reggaeton/donomar/ <--- go there for more info on his life.

http://babymarquez.clarence.com/img/the_last_don_21.jpg <--- go there for a cool pic of Don.